Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Golden IPA

BREWERY: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, CA) | STYLE: American IPA | ABV: 6.5%
Wake up. Hike. Beer.
That's exactly what we did when we woke up, bright and early, for a stroll through San Francisco's Land's End. First off, if you live in San Francisco or you're just simply visiting, we'd definitely recommend giving this park a visit! You'll be amazed by how close to nature you can feel when you're in a city as crowded as San Francisco.
Being the goons that we are, it didn't feel right to leave home without taking a few brewskies along. So what better beer to bring outside that an ale with the name Beer Camp!? Yep. That's right. To take in the great outdoors we chose Sierra Nevada's BEER CAMP GOLDEN IPA: a crisp, light-bodied beer that couldn't have been better suited for soaking up the rare dose of San Francisco sun.

     The Beer Camp Golden IPA isn't a drink that will knock your socks off... and that's exactly why it was the perfect choice for the occasion. We mean, let's get real, when you're climbing the steps to the top of Mount Everest-- or, um, Land's End *cough*, you're not wanting to analyze the different flavor profiles of a complex, spicy IPA... instead a well-carbonated, lightly hopped beer is all that you need.

     With a fairly mild hop presence, this brew couldn't be more easy to drink. By pairing experimental hops, this beer gets a nice, easy citrus flavor that's perfectly refreshing. Even it's clear, straw yellow color topped off with a fine, soft foam gives the illusion of a weekend mimosa or a cold, summery drink! And, if you couldn't tell from the photos, this drink is so good that having just one isn't enough :p

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