Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yancy's Saloon

WHERE: Inner Sunset, San Francisco | AVG. PINT: $6 | HIGHLIGHT: Darts and pizza

     What San Franciscan doesn't love Yancy's Saloon? Although this bar isn't always at the forefront of our minds, Yancy's will always have a special place in our hearts because it brings us back to nights with friends playing darts or laughing around a table eating the pizza that we had ordered up the street from PASQUALE'S PIZZERIA. Yes, this may be your simple no frills neighborhood bar, but it is the perfect bar for anytime of the day when all you want is a relaxed atmosphere and a cheap pint.

     We remember coming to Yancy's before our ID's became real and our barely-there A cups were stuffed to the rim with Charmin Ultra. We made our first steps into Yancy's at the tender age of nineteen (we were babies!) when we thought ordering Sex on the Beach was a surefire way to make you look like a bad ass. Little did we know that the raised eyebrow from the bartender wasn't a sign of approval, but simply an act of sheer disappointment that yet another underaged college student had made their way through the unattended entrance. At that time, Yancy's rarely had a bouncer screening IDs and young sophomores stumbling into the this dive bar wasn't uncommon. But! Don't get your hopes up, youngins! We've heard that Yancy's has cracked down since then ;)

      To our younger, strawberrita-crazed minds, Yancy's was the only bar that San Francisco had to offer. They didn't check IDs, they had rounds of darts on demand and a conveniently located pizzeria up the street. What better place to get shwasty on a Thursday night!?

      Although we're no longer crazy about Sex on the Beach, we certainly still love comingto hang with friends and for chowing down on some veggie pizza.

     If you go to Yancy's, don't be like our nineteen-year-old selves and try to get frou frou by ordering a Sex on the Beach or a Lemon Drop martini. This isn't the type of place to get fancy. Instead, throw on a pair of ripped jeans and order yourself a Jack and Coke or a pint of beer. They have a decent selection of pours on draft ranging from craft beer to your common commercial beer. It's nothing extraordinary but you won't be disappointed. Here, we tend to go with SPEAKEASY ALE's Big Daddy IPA, a dry-hopped American-style India Pale Ale. However, if you're not into beers that are heavy on the hops then you might want to order a Blue Moon or Great White. Just make sure that with whatever drink you order, you let let your hair down, relax and have some fun.

    To find more information about Yancy's Saloon, check out their page on Yelp HERE.
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