Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Golden Boy Pizza

WHERE: North Beach, San Francisco | AVG. BILL: $3 - $10 | HIGHLIGHT: Clam & garlic pizza

     Is it just us, or is it hard to find good food when you need it most? Like when it's 1 A.M. on a Saturday night and you've got a mad case of the beer munchies? Luckily for us, when we're in North Beach, Golden Boy Pizza always has our backs. On Friday's and Saturday's this teeny pizzeria is open until 2:30 A.M and unlike many restaurants that are open after hours, their food is de-lic-IOUS.

     It's a surprise that a slice of their cheese pizza only costs $2.75... in San Francisco, mind you. And these aren't measly, paper-thin slices of pizza. Golden Boy Pizza serves up slices that are thick and hardy -- perfect for sopping up whatever cheap booze you had before.
     If you like to keep it simple with a plain cheese pizza or classic slice of pepperoni, that's cool. Yet if you're feeling saucy, we only have three words for you: Clam. Garlic. Pizza. We're normally not crazy about clams, but it's this slice that keeps us coming back for seconds. But with whatever slice of pizza you end up getting, you won't be let down. Oh, and if you're typsy enough, you'll be seeing colors ;)

If pizza isn't enough and you're still looking to keep that beer-train of yours running, Golden Boy Pizza has cold beer on tap. You can get a pint but we'd recommend getting a pitcher of Firestone Walker's 805 BLONDE ALE: an easy drinking, dark yellow pour with mild hops and honey flavors. Sharing this between three buddies was more than enough for us to keep a light buzz. 
      Pizza and booze in the same place!? It doesn't get better than that!

     So if you're in North Beach having a few drinks with friends, pop on over to Golden Boy Pizza! If you would like more details about this hole-in-the-wall pizzeria, click HERE for their Yelp page. 

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