Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trad'r Sam

WHERE: Outer Richmond, San Francisco | AVG. BOWL: $16 | HIGHLIGHT: Punch bowls, duh.

    "Never underestimate the power of the punch bowl," was the first thing that a friend said to us when we suggested checking out this tiki dive-bar on a Wednesday. So, we ended up opting for a safer choice that night.
     Needless to say that guys advice was soon brushed off... because two months later we found ourselves rolling into Trad'r Sam - on a Wednesday night to be exact, to finally check out the cheap punch bowls that all of our friends had been talking about:

     "Tradr Sam's literally triggers nothing but black outs and bad memories 😁"


     ...What a bunch of wimps. We knew that punch bowls were strong, but if you're smart about them they're never that bad...
     Or so we thought...

   We're not kidding when we say that it was only after three sips into our Scorpion bowl when we were dancing on top of our chairs to the Bee Gees. Our punch bowl had the taste of a strawberry slushy, but after toggling between delirium and KO'd it seemed that the only ingredients used were food coloring, ice and rum!
   In the empty Wednesday night bar, we danced and belted our lungs out to the best disco hits from the sixties -- and by the time we had reached the punch bowl's end, we were sitting arm in arm, swaying side-to-side as we sang along to Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." Not bad for a Wednesday.

   It took us two hours to finish that Scorpion bowl between us and our roommate, Steph. How we managed to finish without spilling it back out onto our laps remains a mystery to us... but getting shwasty off of a $16 punch bowl split between three girls was an even bigger mystification. But these are the types of things you don't question, you just except them ;)
    Since we've popped our Tradr Sam's cherry, this is the first place that we recommend to friends that want to find cheap fun in the Richmond. All of their punch bowls are under $20 and you'll find that most of their cocktails are under $10... and they're not stingy on the rum!! What isn't to love!? This wouldn't be the type of place that you'd take your mom or new date to, but this is the perfect place for getting your night started or for when you simply want a stiff drink.

   Click HERE to find more information on Tradr Sam!
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