Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Westbrae Biergarten

WHERE: Berkeley, CA | AVG. PINT: $6 | HIGHLIGHT: Colorful decor and food truck!

    Not too long ago, if you wanted us to take the train outside of the city, you'd have to drag us on there kicking and screaming. It's hard enough to get around the city of San Francisco as it is... why on earth would we want to complicate things further by adding on a second form of transportation like BART!? Yet, ever since our friend, Michael (a.k.a. ABOOCADO on Instagram), got hired to photograph some of Berkeley's best bars, we've been tagging along as companions and as *cough* models.

     Through our beer tours with Michael we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the best places in the Bay Area to have a pint aren't only in San Francisco. Berkeley has some great gems too! So, expect to see a lot more posts about Berkeley's hot spots in the future! In the meantime, you guys have to check out WESTBRAE BIERGARTEN and here's why...

     For  being the crammed city that San Francisco is, there are very few places to drink outside in peace. Yes, there's BIERGARTEN in Hayes Valley... but a bunch of picnic tables surrounded by a chain link fence isn't exactly what we'd call the ideal. Then there's ANINA, a bar with an outdoor patio that we love (as you can see in our Instagram post HERE)... but sometimes the wind gets so strong that you'll be forced to move to the crowded bar inside.

     To a San Franciscan, Westbrae Biergarten is the holy grail of outdoor bars. It's spacious, hot and aesthetically pleasing enough to satisfy any Instagram-wh*re's need to curate the perfect 100-like worthy photo... because those bright colors and strung-up lights couldn't make for a more festive backdrop. Also, don't get us started on the beautiful, diffused lighting that those patio umbrellas offer :o

     After growing up in areas where summer months hit 100+ degrees, we were both shocked and disappointed when we learned that San Francisco's summer doesn't start until August. (Excuse me?) So, leaving the fog and gloom for a beer garden under warm, clear blue skies left us with the feelings similar to escaping Shawshank State Prison. We honestly couldn't tell if we were high off of the beers or the excitement of sitting in true summer weather!

      Apart from the weather, the beer selection wasn't half bad either! For our first visit we tried Modern Time's Sour Gose IPA, Marin Brewing Company's MT. TAM PALE ALE and Eagle Rock Brewery's MANIFESTO WITBIER. We loved all of them, but our favorite was definitely the Manifesto Witbier, a Belgian-style white-ale spiced with coriander, citrus and rose petals for a twist. During our last trip to Los Angeles, we fell in love with EAGLE ROCK BREWERY'S Yearling (which you can see in our Instagram post HERE)... so it was no surprise that we'd fall for another one of their brews :)

     With good beer and plenty of sun, this is the place to visit if you're a San Franciscan looking for some summer vibes. Even though it's across the Bay, it's definitely worth a visit! If you want more information, click HERE to find Westbrae Biergarten on Yelp.

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