Friday, August 18, 2017

Affordable Koozies de Luxe

WHAT: Insulators to keep your brewksies fresh & frosty 😎 | PRICE: $12 - $25 | SIZES: 12oz - 750mL 

     If anyone told us that we'd be online shopping for beer koozies, we'd laugh our heads off! We're poor college students and the only things that we fit into our budget are ramen noodles and, you guessed it, beer. Yet here we are, in Alamo Square, with our fashion koozies that we bought online for $13 a pop. We're absolutely lovin' it :)

       It's getting hotter in San Francisco (finally) and that means more sunshine and drinking outside, which often leads to warmer beers. We don't know about you guys, but we prefer our beers chilled. Which is why we were stoked when we figured out that our new MY BOMBER JACKET koozies keeps our drinks cold on days when we want to bask in the sun... for an extended period of time that is.

     According to their website, these insulators reduce the rate it takes for the sun to warm up your beer by fifty percent. We're not scientists, but from our own experience we can tell you that they work pretty damn well.

       Since we only had 12 ounce beers on hand, we only photographed our B-12 Tie-Dye Bottle Insulator (which you can purchase HERE) but we also bought a 16 ounce C-16 Tall Can Insulator (purchase HERE) which we're obsessed with!

        We definitely can't wait to buy more for ourselves and our friends... holiday season is coming around ;)
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