Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beerventures: Cabo San Lucas

     "All we have is Modelo, Corona and Pacifica," was the last thing I wanted to hear when I checked into the resort that I'd call home for the next seven days. After losing my phone, my wallet and learning that my travel buddy had lost her passport all I wanted to do was hightail it to the nearest beach and ask for a hop-heavy IPA. Yet, I quickly learned that craft beer was barely a thing in Cabo and that if I wanted mind-blowing beer in Baja, I'd have to search for it -- and that I did :)

     So now, my friends, I give you my personal guide on how to make the most of a city with little to no craft beer ;)

     Couldn't find that artisinal Mexican lager you were looking for? Don't worry about it! With being surrounded by comforting cuisine, sunny skies and blue waters I gave little thought to the beverages I was drinking!

    I spent my first three days in Cabo surviving off of Corona and Negra Modelo *gasp* and I enjoyed every second of it... well... minus when I realized that I didn't have access to cash or a phone.

     After spending my first few days of only being able to charge commercial beers to my room, I found my credit card stuffed at the bottom of my suitcase!! Now being free to leave my resort, the first thing I did was ask a few locals about Cabo's breweries and I was quickly directed to BAJA BREWING CO.

     Being the first brewery to ever brew craft beer in Baja California Sur, these guys are most known for their CABOTELLA BLONDE ALE. Although you can find these beers in Southern California, the beer is virtually unheard of to anyone outside of the Baja.  However it was quite the opposite in Cabo. Every local I met on the street made sure to tell me that the Cabotella Blonde Ale was their favorite...even a few tourists from Michigan made sure to tell me that this golden brew was their go to in Baja.

     After spending a few days in 90 degree weather, I could quickly see why this light and bubbly beer was so popular. With a very mild amount of bitterness and crisp feel, this drink was refreshing and didn't weigh me down. However, if you're in the mood for something slightly darker then I'd suggest the Peyote Pale Ale: a medium bodied, copper colored beer made from English malts that has been labeled their "hop extravaganza."

     When I was done at the Baja Brewing Company I made sure to go downstairs to the little mini-mart below. There I bought several 12 ounce bottles of Baja Brewing's beer so I could enjoy my future beach and boat trips with craft beer :)

     Baja Brewing Company was, by far, the most popular brewery in Cabo... but my favorite was LA PINTADA -- a small brewery located on the main strip of Cabo's downtown.

     There I was encouraged to try their Hefeweizen, Vienna and Imperial Stout. If I could take any beers home from Mexico it would have been, hands down, their Hefeweizen.  Out of the all the beers I had tried during my stay in Cabo, this beer was the most satisfying and refreshing. With notes of orange and coriander, this beer had the perfect blend between citrusy and spicy flavors.

    Another thing that placed La Pintada at the top of my list was their FOOD. The food at Baja Brewery was OK... nothing to write home about. Yet the food at La Pintada had me seeing colors. Their torilla soup: EVERYTHING. From the perfectly sized tortilla strips to the flavorful broth that was just spicy enough to enhance its flavor :9 Oh, and just look at that generous serving of avocado on top!!! If you plan on indulging in any type of tortilla soup... make sure it's at La Pintada.

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