Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Owl's Brew Radler's That's My Jam

BREWERY: Owl's Brew Radler (New York, USA) | STYLE: Amber ale & tea fusion | ABV: 3.8%

      Hip-hip! Today is the first day of our last year of school! We're pretty -- excuse me, very excited about it 💁‍ But that's not why you see us dancing in the picture above. We're dancing because we're stoked about this new beer & tea blend we found the other day! It's That's My Jam by OWL'S BREW RADLER and it's an interesting drink that we're looking forward to starting off the semester with. 

      Since the new school year is starting, we're looking for beers that can serve as a nice study treat and that are also not too high in alcohol content. When you study economics and international business pounding down those eight-percenters isn't the best idea... although it might be tempting :P 

    Luckily for us, That's My Jam checks off both of these features.

   This beer's ABV is only 3.8%. So unless if you chugged this bad boy within a nanosecond or mixed this with some serious spirits (ew), it would be difficult to get a buzz off of just one. And that's OK. As we mentioned earlier, we aren't looking for a strong beer that would give us a quick high. Instead, sometimes it's nice to have a beer for the simple sake of having a drink.

       Given this beer's heavy feel and it's level of sweetness, one of these beers is enough to leave you satisfied because calling this beer sweet is an understatement. Nectarous would be a better word to use. With it's murky, magenta color and plenty of loose sediment this beer better resembles a homemade summer drink rather than a store-bought canned beer. And it's looks match it's taste. With it's lemony, berry and peachy flavors you might forget that you're drinking a beer and instead a Southern-style sweet tea!

     Although it might be too heavy and sweet for us to drink on the regular, this beer is delicious and serves as the perfect study-treat and, dare we say, morning beer! And that's not just because its name has "jam" in it ;)

     If sweet isn't your thing, then this certainly isn't the drink for you. If it is, then check out Owl's Brew Radler's website (HERE) and go to their "Where To Find Us" tab. There you'll be able to locate their nearest location to you!

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