Saturday, September 16, 2017

23 Things About Laura

      Happy birthday, Laura!!

      Today marks the day that our favorite beer blogger completes her 23rd trip around the sun! Considering that's 584 million miles, that's quite the accomplishment! But there's a lot more to Laura than orbiting the sun and crushing six packs of beer all day. If you didn't already notice, Laura is one cool cat that you'd  want to know. Luckily for you guys, I made the job easier for you by sharing a few fun facts that you might not know from looking at our beer pics and INSTAGRAM captions. So, before I start babbling on, here are my 23 Things That You Didn't Know About Laura...

...well, kinda :p
  1. She's tatted!! With white ink that is :) She has a tattoo of a wave on her forearm which becomes visible she when she tans!
  2. She had (yes, had *major sad face*) a white, convertible mustang named Tallulah until July of this summer. Rest in peace, Tallulah!
  3. When she was a kid, she dreamed of being the guitarist for Bon Jovi... I think she still does to this day :p
  4. When we were 18, she had a fake idea ID that said she was 24... we looked like babies then and I still laugh about it!
  5. She may have taken one or two hits for me... literally. Sorry and thank you. Love ya!
  6. When Laura, our friend, Simonne, and I found 30 euro round trip flights to Ibiza we couldn't say no. So Laura skipped class, faked a doctors note and told her professor that she was sick during the days that we were gone... she then came back from our trip with a red, sunburned nose and a sunglass tan. She still stuck to her story though :p Nice one, Laura.
  7. We partied so hard in our first year of living in France that she ended up coming home that summer with a serious kidney infection. Although the direct cause is uncertain, I swear that the two bottles of wine that we'd pregame with every night had something to do with it ;) 
All of these aren't necessarily quirks, but here are some of her unique habits and interests!
  1. She became a low-key high-key clean freak the year she shared a studio apartment in Paris with me and a friend... as living in close quarters with other people does things to you.  So you better make sure that there are no water marks on the floor, that the compost bin has been emptied and, for the love of God, that the kitchen sponge has been squeezed dry!
  2. When Laura snores, she can shake the house down... and she gets it from her pops :p
  3. If there's any TV series/movie that has revolved around fantasy, Laura's seen it. Charmed and Supernatural are some of her favorite shows!
  4. She can be superstitious. Don't open up an umbrella inside of the house, try not to jinx things and make sure there's always wood nearby for you to knock on.
  5. ...but don't be mistaken, she's not into horoscopes.
  6. She's a nail biter. Which I've never noticed until she told me a few weeks ago. A fun fact about me: I'm oblivious to almost everything.
  7. She is very particular about putting on liquid lipstick and we absolutely CANNOT leave the house until every line has been swiped to perfection... which is probably why she gets so many compliments on her lipstick. 
  1.  Her ultimate celebrity crush is Gerard Butler. (I'm telling you this as proof that the sub-title above is true 😉)
  2. Which, by the way, we have totally different taste in men. Note: This is probably why we've remained such close friends :p
  3. While it was my job to learn how to work the camera, she edits all of our photos that aren't taken by another photographer. Which I'm very proud of her since we never picked up a SLR camera or knew what Adobe Cloud was before we started Fuh Monday!
  4. We find it hilarious that we do almost everything together and all of our friends swear that we're joined at the hip. Which leads me to the remaining facts...
  5. We've been roommates for the past three years and were neighbors two years before that. She lived three floors above me in Freshman year of college and her house was a five minute walk away from mine in Sophomore year.
  6. We've worked two student jobs together: at a yoga studio and a boot camp.
  7. We decided to go to Aix-en-Provence, France for one year and then moved to Paris the following year.
  8.  She's listed as my emergency contact for almost everything... partly because my family lives seven hours away.
  9. When we first met, we both bonded over how much we hated San Francisco and our current university. We both swore to ourselves that we'd transfer to different schools in SoCal during our Junior year. Looking back, I'm so glad that we didn't or else we wouldn't have the close, sisterly bond that we have today :)

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