Wednesday, September 27, 2017

21st Amendment's El Sully Lager

BREWERY: 21st Amendment Brewery (San Francisco, CA) | STYLE: American Adjunct Lager | ABV: 4.8%

     We can't remember the last time we went sightseeing, let alone in San Francisco. To be honest, we've never been huge fans of the activity. We've lived in Paris for nine months and never visited the Louvre (the Centre Pompidou is where it's at 🙌). We've visited  Barcelona together, twice, and skipped seeing the Sagrada Familia each time. Oh, and you'll probably cringe when we tell you that one of our aunts lives ten minutes away from Karl Marx's grave and we're still yet to visit that.

     It's not that we don't have a love for history, in fact it's one of our favorite subjects! It's just that we've learned that we prefer to spend our time doing different things. Exploring hidden parks, underground venues and, of course, local bars is more our style. As for the famous landmarks that we've passed up, we can't think of a single one that we've regretted missing. And out of the countless monuments we've seen there are very few that have left us awestruck! (But note: Italy's Coliseum, Malta's Hagar Qim and Istanbul's Hagia Sofia... definitely worth the visit.)

     But now that several months have passed since our last joint-adventure, we wouldn't mind doing some sightseeing if it meant going on a mini-vacation. But with balancing work and school, we haven't been able to take ourselves anywhere with the limited amount of free time we have. Anywhere far that is ;) So, in order to temporarily cure our travel cravings we thought it would be cute to do the one thing that we would normally avoid: you guessed it, sightseeing. We figured that by doing the obvious and role-playing as tourists in our own town, we could make ourselves feel like we were in Europe again. We can't tell you that it was completely successful, but we sure had fun doing it! And if we were going to play tourists, we had to do it right. So naturally we had to pick a beer that was brewed by one of our cities most prized breweries, 21ST AMENDMENT

     We could have gone with one of their more popular beers, like their HELL OR HIGH WATERMELON, but we decided to pick their EL SULLY for our little faux-cation. Maybe it's because MY TRIP to Cabo had left us craving Mexican lagers or maybe it's because we just wanted to switch things up... after all, we were trying new things :) Whatever the reason was, this beer ended up being the perfect companion for exploring our home under the San Francisco sun!

      Although we're absolutely crazy about El Sully's can art (because, c'mon, who doesn't love festive colors) we would have loved to have had this out of a glass to get the full experience. Still, we were satisfied with everything that we could taste. Firstly, being brewed from Magnum and Northern Brewer hops, this crisp Mexican-style lager was perfect for washing down any street food that we came across. With it's sweet upfront, slight bready finish and hints of citrus flavors, this beer wasn't difficult to pair up and it was the perfect compliment to the fish tacos we had earlier.

     And as we've mentioned several times on this blog, we love pairing hot, sunny days with lighter beers. The sun has a way of draining your energy, so it's never a bad idea to opt for the beer that's easy drinking. And despite it being on the lighter side, the El Sully is far from being too thin or watery. This beer has a nice medium body and with it's mild hop presence this guy has just the right amount of oomph to keep things fresh.

     So, did this enhance our rare sightseeing experience? Oh yeah :) It teamed up well with all of the food that we could get our hands on, had a good amount of flavor and its beer can was prettier than the Bay Bridge itself! Although we're not sure if we'd choose this over 21st Amendment's sassy Hell or High Watermelon, we'll gladly take it with us on any of our future vacations in the sun... which we hope will come veryyy soon!

     To find an El Sully near you, click HERE to use Beer Menu's store locator!

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