Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mr. Bing's

WHERE: North Beach, San Francisco, CA | AVG. PINT: $6 | HIGHLIGHT: No frills and cheap drinks

       We came in skipping and then walked out spinning... but that's OK because no one at this little dive bar was judging. In a city where new bars with fresh wood, shiny metal and trendy wallpaper are becoming the latest craze it's nice to seek refuge in a place where you don't feel pressured to wear your most social media-worthy outfit.

      At Mr. Bing's, where people come for the cheap shots and bottled beers this is a place of no questions or judgements. You wanna knock down four shots of tequila? Be our guest! You wanna make out with your Tinder date to "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters? Go for it! Because there are very few things that you can do in Mr. Bing's that could warrant a raised eyebrow. This drinking ground has been around for over fifty years and has, basically, seen it all.

       When we came here with our friend, Bree, we were already nearing the end of our little outing in North Beach. We started at Golden Boy Pizza (which we wrote about HERE), made our way to Vesuvio's (a classic hot spot which you can find on Yelp HERE) and then decided to pop on over to Mr. Bing's. 

     The great thing about North Beach is that there are so many great bars within walking distance of each other. Aside from the places we mentioned before, we can easily list three more great bars that are close by! But when you're surrounded by a cluster of your favorite spots, you really have to pace yourself. We were doing really well in Golden Boy and Vesuvio's, but when we had finally made it to Mr. Bing's all caution had been thrown out the window -- let's face it, when you got cheap drinks and good vibes, it's hard to just have one!

       We helped ourselves to a few pints of 10 BARREL BREWING'S Joe IPA (a beer from Oregan with tarty and tropical flavors) and then decided to make things more interesting by adding a final round of Fernet. 

    If you've never heard of Fernet, you'll certainly learn about it when you come to San Francisco. This bitter herbal liquor (and oh, is it bitter) may be European, but San Francisco is its second largest consumer... for reasons that are left unknown. So, since we were sitting in one of San Francisco's most iconic dive bars it only made sense to take shots like a true San Franciscan!

   Needlessness to say, those shots sent us from a comfortable buzz to a state of total inebriation. How we managed to carry ourselves out of the bar and still look decent remains a mystery... because to be honest, we don't remember much after taking those fiery shots. However we can tell you that we had a fun time ;)

    So if you're in the neighborhood and are looking for some low-key, cheap fun... make sure to hit up Mr. Bing's! Just make sure to be easy on the Fernet :p

   To find Mr. Bing's on Yelp, click HERE!
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