Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tap It's Tap It IPA

BREWERY: Tap It Brewing (San Luis Obispo, CA) | STYLE: West Coast IPA | ABV: 7%

     Is anyone else weirded out by Mother Earth and her most recent pecularities? Because, well, let's see... Three weeks ago the U.S. witnessed its first solar eclipse since 1979. Last week San Francisco's thermostat reached a record high at 106 degrees! And now storms of all kinds are taking over the country. 

     Call it whatever you want: bad karma, punishment by the Gods, a coincidence (we like to call it global warming), but no matter what word you pick, there is only one adjective that we could all agree on and it would be odd. In the midst of this chaos we gotta keep our cool somehow. So what better weapon to battle off the world's strange happenings than with a beer that's just as fierce as the weather!? And for us, that beer would be Tap It Brewing's TAP IT IPA.

     First off, any beer with both "West Coast" and "IPA" on the label has got to be good. Also, the fact that this beer comes from TAP IT BREWING makes it even better. If you didn't know, we have become big fans of this brewery ever since we tried their Bière de Table (which we've POSTED about on our Instagram) and if you've read our 'About Me' section (which you can find HERE), you'd know that this remains Milan's favorite beer to this day! However, we're not here to talk about Bier de Table, but have, instead, come to chat to you about their Tap It IPA...
     The brewery describes their beer as a wort hopped IPA that has "a harmonious explosion of hop flavors and aroma with a hazy head that leads drinkers toward a beer both rich in citrus and earthy flavors." It's the strong citrus flavors that add to this beer's bitterness... perfect for giving us enough of a jolt (and we're not referring to the lightening that's appeared in San Francisco) to keep us happy in such strange times. And with our favorite combination of a medium body and crisp feel, this beer is easy to drink!

        Lately in times of stress and extreme heat, we had turned towards light light lagers and blonde ales to keep us cool... however with all of the strange events that have taken place we agree that it's nice to lean on a good IPA, the style of beer that originally got us into craft beer. And the factors that separate this from other beers of its kind are it's smooth, nicely bittered feel and the fact that it hails from the nearby town of San Luis Obisbo. Given this, the Tap It IPA offers the type of comfort needed for times that are -- as we've discussed -- just plain odd. 

    With a good amount of hops, carbonation and a mix of citrus and floral/piney flavors this beer are our current go to of month! So if you find yourself just as disturbed by today's chaos as we are, don't hesitate and help yourself to this lovely brew!

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