Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Comstock Saloon

WHERE: North Beach, San Francisco | AVG. PINT: $9 | HIGHLIGHT: We couldn't remember if we tried.

      First piece of advice: this is not the place where you'd want to end your bar crawl.

     The decor is far too nice and the cocktails are so masterfully crafted that you'd definitely want to be one-hundred percent present to take it all in. Don't do what we did... We strolled into Comstock Saloon plastered, drunk at 4 p.m. from sculling two IPA's and a round of Fernet at MR BING's just so you wouldn't have to 😉👉  If that's not loyalty, then we don't know what is.

    On the bright side, at least we were decent enough to change out of our grungy band-tees into something a wee bit nicer. And, boy,  a simple black top and letting your hair down can do wonders!

    With Comstock's mahogany bar and period-decor that takes inspo from the time its building was first erected in 1907, it's hard not to want to dress up to play the part. Clearly we weren't the only ones that felt this way, because it was difficult to find a single person in a pair of jeans or T-shirt. So if you're all about fitting in, wear your Sunday best.

    Also, if you look cute, no one will even notice how turnt you are! Hey-hey!

     Since we were already buzzed from our earlier visit to Mr. Bing's, we decided to split the special they had that day: a shot of whiskey, a half-pint of beer and a little cocktail to fancy things up. (If I was responsible enough to record bar notes for this visit, we would be able to tell you which cocktail it was.) As for the tall glass of clear liquid, that was water for the team.

    Oozing straight class and an old-timey feel, this place may look like it can easily break the bank, but don't you fret! Unless you plan on ordering drinks by the bottle, you'd be hard pressed to find a cocktail over $13. If you're aiming for dirt cheap, so be it. You can easily order a pint of Anchor Steam for $6 on draft. *cough* And canned Modelo for $4.

       Comstock is also the perfect place to bring any friends that are visiting the city. It's in the heart of North Beach surrounded by plenty of hot spots and not far from downtown and all things touristy.  With Comstock Saloon possessing all of these qualities, it doesn't surprise us that this bar plays a star role in San Francisco's craft-cocktail movement. A pretty big deal, if you ask us.

    Click HERE to find them on Yelp and click HERE to visit Comstock Saloon's webpage.

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