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October in Paris

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Good day, fellow brew lords and brew dames!

     We can't believe it's already been three years since our first trip to Paris! Many of you guys might say "big whoop đŸ™„" but, to us, this was a memorable trip that brought us one step closer to Fuh Monday and to being the girls that we are today!  For those of you that weren't aware, we took two years to study abroad in France (we know). In this time, we learned a new language, made memories that would last a lifetime and, of course, discovered our love for French wine and Belgian beer. But we thought that talking about how our love for booze deepened or sharing a play-by-play of our trip would be boring. So, instead, we decided to present you guys with something a lil' different: a few teeny, weeny anecdotes from one of our most cherished points in time <3


Drink. Drank. Debilitated.:

As much as I'd like to say that we were all young, healthy whippersnappers ready to take Paris by storm, that wasn't entirely the case. Truth be told, I had arrived to Paris in a sea of tissues and nasal spray. Before Paris, we had all spent our first weekend in Barcelona where I, literally, drank myself sick. Lesson learned: When traveling... start soft, party later. I came down with the most terrible head cold and spent my first morning in Paris bundled up in blankets and vapor rub. Not exactly my idea of glamour.
The only drinks I had in Paris were water and mulled wine. No beer and no whiskey. Kill me. But on that diet I was able to whip myself back into shape within three days, just in time for the Pitchfork Music Festival at the end of our trip! Second lesson learned: Yes, you can nurse yourself back to health with a little bit of alcohol. ;) MILAN.

A Rocky Start:

\We had just left Barcelona...we smell, we're hungover, the look of death was upon us... yet we were LOVING life! Of course we are in the very last row on Ryan Air, feeling every bump, but do we care? Nahh, our selfie game was strong and our friendship was even stronger. Once we landed we skipped off the plane thinking we were royalty walking on the tarmac, quickly our happiness faded when we realized that we weren't at CDG airport in Paris, but instead about two-three hours away in a town called Bauvais. We hopped on a bus crowded with not only Frenchies, but others who were also from far away lands. Once we finished our long treck we arrived in the heart of Paris, and man were we in L.O.V. freakin' E!

But panic started to set in when our only working French phone had died and we had NO idea where to go. We quickly ran to the closest cafe with wifi and an easy access plug, there we were able to contact Milan's friend who was going to give us keys to her aunts BEAUTIFUL apartment for the weekend. We decided to meet her near Notre Dame when we quickly realized that picking one of the largest tourist destinations as a meeting point wasn't the greatest idea. Looking for a petite, blonde Parisian was like searching for a needle in a haystack. We eventually found her though! Pheww... what an adventure right? ;) LAURA.


Go candid or go Greek:

We were so stoked about being in Paris surrounded by good vibes and good company that we wanted to take pictures of everything (or, excuse me, us), every moment and everywhere! But after spending countless hours watching Wes Anderson films with our then, roommate Annaliese (a.k.a girl with the festive scarf) we were too cool for just standing and smiling... that would've been basic. Candids and poses of the avante-garde were the only way to go. Clearly we took this very seriously, because when we ran out of posing ideas we would take inspiration from anywhere as long as it didn't mimic Kylie Jenner's insta feed. Literally, the conversation proceeding the photo below goes as follows:
 Snap, snap. Click, click. Fake laugh here. Fake laugh there.
Brief silence.
'Let's do what those Greek sculptures do!'
'Here, take my hand!'
'Touch my chin -- No! With just the tip! Just the tip!'
...and we totes got the look we were going for. —MILAN.


My French bun:

Oh, God, my bun. My ratty, little baby bun! I should've listened to my mom and searched harder for a hair dresser, because now when I look back at all of my photos from this time, I'm forced to look at this damn bun...
I wish I could say that this look was exclusive to Paris -- after all, the Parisians were all about minimal effort and sexy bed head right!? But, oh no. This little bun went on for ten months straight. I was so wrapped up in enjoying my new, exciting life that I never bothered hunting for a flat iron, learning how to manage my natural hair or searching for an alternative hair style (um, braids).  But at least I had a cute smile :) —MILAN.

French food FTW:

Okay, first off, I got three words for ya'll: Pain. Au. Chocolat. The rumors don't lie. French cuisine is THE shizzzz nit. When I wasn't eating street side falafels, you could find me at any cute and quaint cafe with a cafĂ© au lait in one hand and a pain au chocolat in the other. Ahhhh it was the dream! There are so many yummy gems in this beautiful city that are a must to try! If you love pho head on over to Pho 14 and your life will be changed forever! Hands down the best pho I have had in my 23 years of life, you won't regret it. Another amazing place to try would be L'Industrie, here you can have the most amazing honey glazed duck and THE best cheesecake around! Don't be fooled there are an abundance of delicious cafes, restaurants or even street carts around the city.  I would totally have to say that it was the food that made me fall in love with this beautiful country! —LAURA.

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