Wednesday, November 22, 2017

12 Low-Calorie Beers for the Holidays

A list of low calorie beers that won't break those belt loops.

      Raise your hand if you will be drinking this holiday! We know we will beeee! Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because it's a day devoted to drinking, eating and being merry... with a fat emphasis on merry.

     With being surrounded by savory food and good vibes it's no surprise that we'd consume more than we usually would. However, we didn't realize exactly how much that was until recently. If you must know, on this day the average American takes in a whopping 4,500 CALORIES at Thankdgiving dinner! That's just about double your recommended daily intake!! So to help us (and all of you guys), we decided to compile a quick list of waistline-friendly beers!

       But warning! The first few beers mentionned aren't exactly the most flavorful or craft. However, before you wrinkle your nose just know that we included them because, according to our research, they truly are the beers with the lowest amount of calories and they're also the beers that you'll most likely run into this Thanksgiving... because we all know how much Papa Bill loves his Coors Light.

1. Budweiser Select 55 (BEER ADVOCATE) — 55 calories // 2.4% ABV // Light Lager

     We hear this tastes like swamp water but if you must...

2. Beck's Premier Light (BEER ADVOCATE)  — 63 calories // 2.3% ABV // Light Lager

3. Ca I'Arenys Guineu Riner (BEER ADVOCATE— 85 calories // 2.8% ABV // American Pale Ale

    Craft beer alert! Craft beer alert! Although we remain skeptical about an APA with an ABV of 2.8%, it has an okay rating on Beer Advocate and has under 100 calories. We'll definitely keep an eye out for this on our beer hunts!

4. Miller Lite (BEER ADVOCATE— 96 calories // 4.17% ABV // Light Lager

5. Coors Light (BEER ADVOCATE— 99 calories // 4.2% ABV // Light Lager

     This seems to be every dad's favorite and we think we now know why. It has the highest ABV percentage out of all of the lights!

6. Guinness Draught (BEER ADVOCATE— 126 calories // 4.2% ABV // Irish Dry Stout

      Well, lookie here! Now you can drink your Guinness and not feel guilty about it! Just because a beer is dark doesn't mean that it's high in calories :)

7. Stone Brewing Co.'s Levitation Ale (BEER ADVOCATE— 132 calories // 4.4% ABV // Red Ale

      Not only is it a session-able beer that tastes pretty darn good but, according to MEN'S HEALTH magazine this beer has fewer calories than a handful of almonds!

8. Boulevard Brewing Co.'s Pop-Up IPA (BEER ADVOCATE)  — 139 calories // 4.3% ABV // American IPA

9. Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.'s Omission Lager (BEER ADVOCATE— 140 calories // 4.6% ABV // American Pale Lager

     If you're any sort of beer nerd, you've probably heard of this one. It's one of the most popular gluten-free beers on the market and is sure to be a hit amongst your diet conscious friends this holiday. 

10. Kona Brewing Island Lager (BEER ADVOCATE— 146 calories // 4.6% ABV // American Pale Lager

    YES!! We can't tell you how happy we are that this made the list and  we will be for sure be drinking this (as well as one other on this list) tomorrow! If you read our blog POST about Kona Brewing's Big Wave Golden Ale, you will know that we have a soft spot for this brewery. Even though it doesn't have the most stellar beer ratings we love that its drinkable, like-able by everyone and available in just about any California grocery store. 

11. Firestone Walker Brewing Co's Pivo Pils (BEER ADVOCATE— 150 calories // 5.3% ABV // German Pilsner

     If we can our hands on this for Thursday, we will. Not only does this have a good rating on Beer Advocate, but you can never go wrong with a pilsner during the holiday. Like Kona Brewing's Island Lager, this is a type of beer that is generally liked by everybody (including your non-beer drinking friends).

12. Fat Tire (BEER ADVOCATE— 160 calories // 5.2% ABV // Red Ale

    And finally to cap off the list is this craft beer classic. If you've gone out of your way to read this beer blog then we'll bet that you've heard of this one. And it's a classic for a reason; with understated hops and a strong malty side coated in caramel flavors this beer is perfectly balanced and downright delicious :)

      And this concludes our list low-calorie beers that you can drink without feeling guilty this holiday! If you're looking to do some more work to compensate for extra helpings, then make sure to check out our favorite waist-trimming exercises in this POST here!

      Happy holidays and happy eating!

Until next time!
Milan & Laura

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