Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sampling the Bay's Newest Brewery: Adobe Creek

WHERE: Novato, CA | EST.: March 2017 | HIGHLIGHT: Tiburones Mexican-Vienna Lager

       Woot! Woot! If you didn't already see our Instagram POST, I had my first shower beer of Fall 2017!! Except that it wasn't a traditional shower beer but instead taken outdoors in San Francisco's BOTANICAL GARDENS moments after these photos were taken. If you couldn't tell from my CHRISTOPHER CLOOS sunglasses (for which you can visit their website and use the promo code "fuhmonday30" for 30% off) we completely ignored Because when you're born and bred in the sunshine capital of the world (or my world :p) "weather" tends to forever remain a foreign concept.

      Even through we got a little damp drenched in the process, we were still beyond stoked that we finally got a chance to visit the city's Botanical Gardens and, most of all, try these freshly bottled samples that we had received from the Bay Area's newest brewery: ADOBE CREEK BREWING.

      If you haven't figured it out already, there are two things in this world that we love more than beer: eighty-five degree weather and new breweries, especially when that brewery hasn't been discovered by any of our hipster friends. So when our buddy, Talla, told us that her friend had recently started Adobe Creek Brewing, we jumped for our phones to get a hold of its main man, Jonathan, to receive a few samples to try out for fuhMonday.

    Since this brewery just opened back in March, it doesn't have a taproom (yet). But not to worry folks! Adobe Creek is currently distributing to a select number of bars across the state of California, including San Francisco's very own HOLY WATER (a bar that's been on our list for ages). However we managed to get a hold of a few beers from Jonathan himself. Don't we feel special :)

    So keep on scrolling to read about the beers that we sampled!


Derealization Pale Ale (5.8%)

      Not only is this Jonathan's favorite beer out of the batch, but if Adobe Creek were to have a signature beer it would be this one. This pale ale is as classic as they come, as it's evenly balanced, not too bitter and not too crazy on the hops giving it an overall smooth feel. And with it's medium body, light spicy flavors and mild malt presence, this beer is definitely enough to keep you satisfied. Oh, and most importantly, this would pair nicely with any greasy pub food :9

Guave Sour Ale (4.5%)

    OKAY. What better way to cling onto Indian summer than with a sour ale that was brewed with a pound of guava!? Don't worry. We'll wait for a better answer :P My ears perked up the moment when Jonathan told me that he had used approximately one pound of guava for each gallon of beer brewed. With us being hot for sour ales and really missing sunny days in SoCal, this was the beer that we were the most eager to try and were, happily, not let down.

    It's aroma is enough to have you salivating. Reminding me of the tropics the first few adjectives that came to mind when smelling this beer was sweet, citrusy and nectarous. However this drink couldn't give off a more tingly mouthfeel with its gentle fizz and medium-light body. Definitely tasting of guava, this beer has solid citrusy notes of guava and grapefruit which mellows out to become slightly sweeter. This beer is definitely our second favorite out of the beers we've sampled (keep on reading to find out our top fave) and a must try for anyone who's into sour ales.

Bohemian Grove IPA (6.5%)

      Using a both citra and mosaic hops, Jonathan has created an IPA that is both herbal and citric. This beer pours a straw yellow color with a light quarter-finger head and gives off a harmonious mix of hop driven flavors with lemony notes following close behind. In our opinion this would be the perfect beer to bring outdoors with its crisp feel and medium body! This is anything but short of refreshing and would be a hit for any IPA lover.

Tiburones Mexican-Vienna Lager (5.2%)

      Um, fat YES to this one. This is the beer that we want to bring to the party to share with all of our friends. This is the beer that had us seeing colors. And this is the beer that made us want to throw on some snazzy tan leather loafers and put this song, HERE, on repeat. We love this Mexican-Vienna Lager and, no, we weren't bribed to write all of these words about it.

       Giving off a malty, roasty aroma with a hint of citrus this beer will remind you of your old man's living-room... especially if it's set up with a fireplace. And it's taste matches it's scent, being both malty and toasty with enough bitter notes to give it a little bit of a bite. This one was a hard one for us to stop drinking and we were unbelievably sad when we finished the bottle.  When I last visited Mexico in August (which you can read about HERE) I tried two Mexican-Vienna lagers from two different craft breweries, but this Tiburones Mexican-Vienna Lager from Novato, California has left a much bigger impression on me. Who woulda thought!? If you haven't guessed already, we have definitely crowned this one as the winner out of the beers we had sampled ;)

     If you want to try some of Adobe Creek's beer yourself check out its WEBSITE and click on the "On Tap" tab to find out which bars they're located in! They're definitely worth the try! 

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All images used in this post were photographed by DRAZEN GRUJIC
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