Saturday, November 11, 2017

North Coast's PranQster

BREWERY: North Coast Brewing Co. (Fort Bragg, CA) | STYLE: Belgian Strong Pale Ale | ABV: 7.6%

     What we did this morning was pretty ballsy. After a night of Kool-Aid flavored cocktails at BUTTER, endless free pitchers at SoMa STREAT FOOD PARK and salsa dancing at 1015 FOLSOM... we woke up the next morning feeling as if we had crash landed an airplane. Still, we had a fresh pack of Belgian strong ales waiting in the fridge and it would've been a shame to let them stand alone on a Sunday morning. We may not be religious, but we do have good manners. 

    So while on the brink of dehydration, we sacrificed our weak bods for the sake of good etiquette, packed up our brew and headed just east of Haight-Ashbury to meet up with photographer and dear friend, DRAZEN, to take photos us drinking the beer that everyone had been pushing us to drink: North Coast Brewing Co's PRANQSTER.

     Would we recommend this as a remedy for your weekend hangover? Most certainly not! Because this bad boy is a strong ale alright. And although it doesn't taste like alcohol, this brew delivers a healthy amount of bitterness that can be harsh on fragile senses. But!  That doesn’t mean that it is a bad bad beer! In fact, when we got over our hangovers we ended up loving it! Using a mixture of antique floral yeast strains to deliver "a floral nose, full fruity flavor and a clean finish" this beer brings us back to our pub days in Europe when California beers were impossible to find. Back then, if we were drinking craft beer, it was almost always a Belgian strong ale :) Delirium Tremens anyone?

   For us, the blend of antique floral yeast strains mix nicely with it's other fruity notes and malty sweetness. And with it's medium body and ample carbonation, this is the perfect beer for bringing outside! Especially on a hot day like this one.

    However, drinking outside often means drinking out of the bottle. So if you get the chance, save an extra bottle of your PranQster so you can enjoy at home and out of glass. That's what we did! (Which also gave us the oppurtunity to re-try this ale while not hungover :P) The strong Belgian yeast mixed with piny and fruity notes creates a pleasant aroma, which in our opinion, enhances the flavor even more!

     So what's our verdict? It's no Delirium Tremens, but for a Belgian-style beer brewed on the West coast.. this isn't half bad! We'll definitely be buying more in the future :) If Belgian strong ales aren't your thing, then we'd definitely recommend trying North Coast Brewing Co's infamous Russian Emperial Stout. We posted about it on our Instagram HERE and, so far, it's our favorite stout to date! Sorry, Guinness.

All photographs taken by DRAZEN GRUJIC.
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