Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Our First Home Brew

WHAT: Starter kit for craft beer brewing | PRICE: $45 - $48

     New to brewing!? HA! We've been brewing Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup since 1994! But have we ever brewed our own ale? Nope. Nah. We run fuhMonday simply because we consider ourselves to be masters in the art of drinking rather than in the art of making. But when Craft A Brew asked us to join them in celebrating the upcoming Learn to Homebrew Day on November 4th, we were excited to try something new!

     So here it is folks! Here's our first experience brewing craft beer...

     Before starting we were a little nervous. We were worried about taking on a project like this in our tiny San Francisco apartment but size ended up not being a problem at all! It turned out that all we needed was some counter space and one stove-top burner to complete this project! And for noobs like us, the Craft A Brew kit made the whole process much simpler by providing step-by-step instructions with freshly-packed ingredients and equipment needed to brew our beer.

       Basically everything that we needed was supplied in the kit. The only stuff that we had to supply on our own was a large pot that could fit one gallon (16 cups) of water, a large bowl to sanitize our equipment in, two bags of ice and, of course, some cold beer to aid us through the process. Since, we decided to choose their Stone Pale Ale brewing kit (which you can purchase HERE) we wanted to drink another beer that hailed from STONE Brewery. Yet since their classic Pale Ale is no longer available for purchase we decided to drink their Delicious IPA instead -- an intensely citrusy, bitter beer.

      Oh, and you might need more than one beer ;) Because the process will take you a couple of hours to complete. For us, it took  a total of three hours! But that's because we moved a little slower than the average person :P Other people we talked to, such as fellow beerstagrammers Rachel and Vicky at WE BIKE FOR BEER, said that the Craft A Brew kit only took them two hours. 

    The majority of that time was spent waiting for our beer to boil to and cool down. Which made this activity perfect for hanging out with friends. Not only was it nice to stand around, chat and sip on some cold drinks but figuring out how to complete each task served up some serious giggles. And thankfully, there wasn't one task that proved difficult! The only work that we had to do was mix together our ingredients and make sure that our boiling beer didn't bubble over!

    After our beer had boiled for sixty minutes, we transferred the pot into an ice bath that we made in the sink. We used two bags of ice which worked fine! The only thing that we would do differently is fill up our ice bath with cold water to create more "chill" to speed up the process. 

   After our beer had cooled down to a solid 75 degrees, voila! We were finished! Well... basically. All that we had to do was pour our brew into the jug that Craft A Brew had provided, throw in their yeast, add some water and cap it off! Very simple! 

   We're not sure if we added enough water, but that's OK! Everything is a learning experience and all of the equipment that comes in the kit is reusable so we can always brew another batch if we wanted to :) However to make our learning experience even easier, we would definitely recommend watching the 3-minute video that Craft A Brew made as a visual aid (which we've pasted below).

   Since we brewed our beer yesterday, we'll have to wait several days before we can taste our new creation. Be we sure can't wait! So expect an update of our brewing process on our INSTAGRAM in the near future!

All still images used in this post were photographed by DRAZEN GRUJIC
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