Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stone's Delicious IPA

BREWERY: Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) | STYLE: American IPA | ABV: 7.7%

      You might've remembered us briefly mentioning Stone's DELICIOUS IPA in the POST where we documented our first experience with home brewing. In fact, these photos were captured on the same day! Which is why Laura is rocking her "JUST BREW IT" shirt that I LOVE APPAREL was kind enough to send us :) (And if you also dig my LIFE & BEER shirt, you can buy it from their online store as well!)

     As the name Delicious IPA would insinuate, there are many beer fanatics that would describe this beer as tasty. And despite it not being our favorite IPA or beer by Stone (their ARROGANT BASTARD ALE takes that place), we thought that this beer still deserved its own post.

       If this doesn't become a hit among your IPA-crazed friends, this would be the perfect beer to give any friend that constantly says "Meh... not bitter enough." The reason for this is that it has the level of bitterness and citrus notes that are both intense and bold. And as its a beer hailing from Stone, the rockstar of craft beer, we wouldn't expect anything less.

     Pouring an amber color with a liiitle bit of haze, this beer gives off a tropical aroma that could easily pass for a Jo Malone candle (if you don't know what that is, ask your girlfriend). And, if your a hophead, your tastebuds will explode once they're met with the Delicious IPA's overwhelmingly lemony flavors and sharp bitter finish. All of these qualities mixed together makes this beer great for drinking outside.

      So with a beer named Delicious and being liked by several beer fanatics out there you might be wondering why this beer isn't one of our all-time favorites. You're not alone, we wondered the same thing too...

       At first sip, our immediate reaction was that this amount of bitterness might be too much for us to want to drink on the regular. However, when we looked up its level of IBUs (International Bitterness Unit) we were shocked to see that it had been rated to 80 IBU! To put things into perspective, almost all beers fall within the range of 5 and 120 and a majority of those beers are placed between 15 and 80. And as we've fallen head over heals for beers that are ranked well above 80 (Dogfish Head's 90 MINUTE IPA and Stone's Arrogant Bastard Ale are just a few of them), bitterness clearly wasn't the problem.

     So, then, what is it!? After finishing a bottle we came to the conclusion that simply the intense amount of lemon flavors paired with its level of bitterness didn't make for our favorite mélange. So while we, personally, wouldn't consider this to be anything less than good it just isn't our favorite. Still, we'd recommend this to any hophead out there to give this a try. And when you do, tell us what you think!

All of the images in this post were photographed by DRAZEN GRUJIC.

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