Thursday, November 23, 2017

Beer-y Thankful

3 Things About Each Other That Make Us Thankful

      We know it. You know it. The whole world knows it! Laura and I have been two friends, inseparable, since January 2013 and in those (~)five short years we've been through a lot together, riding ATV's into Greek sunsets and pealing each other off of Hungarian bathroom floors are just a few of them. We're aware that not everyone gets to find a partner-in-crime like us and for that we are very thankful to have one another in each others lives. But since we don't get to say it often, we thought we'd take advantage of the holidays and share a few of the reasons for why we're thankful for having each other as a best friend :)

Why I'm Thankful for Laura

     I didn't know when I met Laura in French 101 that she would be the friend that would stick with me through my most dark and worst times but I'm glad that she is!

She knows that just because I follow a plant-based diet does not mean that I only eat salad. 

     "The main dish is beef but don't worry, we have salad!" is always slightly disappointing to hear when I walk into a dinner party. To many people it seems that if they throw some lettuce and carrots in a bowl that I'll stop envying the creamy beef stroganoff that everyone's twirling their forks around. I may not have had red meat or poultry in fourteen years, but I still have taste buds! And Laura always understands. I can always count on this girl to eat the pork out of my cream pasta or bring me slices of tres leches just so I can enjoy the little culinary pleasures in life :)

She's the biggest goober I know.

     I couldn't spend more than a few minutes with anyone that took life too seriously let alone live and work with them! Laura is always up for a good time and if she had an anthem it'd be by Smash Mouth. And I think you all know what SONG I'm thinking of ;) Having a friend that's not constantly worried about being the hottest girl in the room (because she already is, duh),  not making a fool of themselves or not publicly snickering like Beavis and Butthead is a blessing! Because of that, Laura and I are constantly laughing and have shared some outrageously hilarious experiences :P I'm still yet to hear girl's trip stories that top ours.

She's my corner-man in the boxing ring.

     No amount of life-coaching or schooling could have prepared me for how tough entering adulthood could be. There have been times in the past few years when facing life has felt like a boxing match... and I'm not always winning. Laura is definitely that person in the corner of the boxing ring with a cold towel, ice pack and a pep talk to get me back up on my feet. I can't tell you how many times Laura has been there to pull me out of the bathroom because I was too shy to face a crowded party, give me some words of encouragement when I was having a nervous breakdown before an exam or offer me a shoulder to cry on when I was feeling under the weather. Doing that stuff can be exhausting for anyone, but I'm very thankful to have a friend that is always around to offer a hug and some uplifting words as well as help me work through my social anxiety even when the time isn't convenient.

Why I'm Thankful for Milan

     I am thankful for many things in my life, but I am happy and proud to say that the one person I am so grateful for is my best friend Milan, (Miss Mimi Love <3)

She became friends with a yoga pants obsessed girl like me.

    It was our second semester of freshman year and how lucky was I to be put into the same French class as Milan. I sat in front of her and would always turn around to see if she would partner up with me because 1) damn was/is she one smart cookie! and 2) she hated speaking out in class as much as I did. She also accepted me for wearing yoga pants on the daily… man that was a different time for my style but she still stood by me strong!

Always willing to walk a mile, in any weather, for her friends.

     Man, am I blessed to have a best friend like Milan. Nothing is ever too far for this beauty! She has always been there and will always be there for me when I am either sick or hurt. Milan will travel anywhere and literally walk any distance to get her friends food or products they need to be healthy and happy. All Milan needs are her headphones and her stomping boots and you best watch her jet pass you no matter what the weather brings!

She has a strength that is rare among most.

     Milan is one of the strongest (not just in the female category but in ALL categories) people I have ever met in my life. She has been my best friend for five years now and I must tell you…when I am experiencing my lowest of lows she’s the one I will always run to to pull me up and kick my ass in gear. Not only is she there for those who are close to her in her life, but she is a true inspiration for I have witnessed her pull not only those around her out of the bad times but also herself with no ones help. She has the strength to go through very difficult situations while still holding a huge pearly smile on her face and positive thoughts. She is the person I will always look to for guidance and strength, she has the greatest heart and I am blessed to call her my best half!

      So it is not a question why I am thankful for Milan, she is my sister from another mister and will always be by my side til we're both wrinkled and drinking our light lagers on our front porch (because who knows what our frail bodies will be able to taken then!) I love you with all my heart Mimi! Thank you for being the fuh to my Monday!

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