Sunday, December 3, 2017

'Merican Mule

How we're enjoying Moscow Mules this season...

     Struggling to find a good-tasting and low-fuss cocktail to make at your next holiday party!? Well, we think we found the solution for you ;) This season, we're recommending 'MERICAN MULE'S ready-to-drink Moscow Mules for any party host that wants a convenient and authentic craft cocktail to serve up at this year's gift exchange. Using real vodka with all natural ginger and lime, you can drink this from the can or pour it over ice in a copper mug! But with whatever way you decide to serve it, you and your guests won't be disappointed because although it may be from a can, it tastes like it came straight from the bar.

      Before you turn your nose up the idea of buying a craft cocktail out of a can just know that we, too, were a little skeptical at first. Believe or not, when we're not drinking beer we can be total cocktail snobs. In the past we have spent plenty of days making the classic Moscow Mule at home (Those copper mugs you see in this post?? Yeah, we didn't just buy them. We already had them.) since they're perfect for any time of the year... even winter. And as Nick Hines at VINEPAIR would put it, even though its a chilled drink, the vodka does the warming for you :P

      So after tasting and crafting numerous amounts of Moscow Mules, we were curious as to if our favorite cocktail served out of a can would live up to our standards. And it did.

      As you saw in the photo above, we decided to pour our 'Merican Mules over ice and garnish it with rosemary and cranberries. However, this wasn't to enhance the flavor (because the 'Merican Mule doesn't need any help in the flavor department) but only to get us in the Christmas spirit :) Pairing these garnishes with the deliciousness of the 'Merican Mule is perfect for any holiday party as they'd make your guests feel as if they got them from their favorite lounge. And the great thing is that they only take fifteen seconds to put together!

     And in case if you were wondering, they're just as good when you drink them from the can... which is perfect because it allows us to enjoy our favorite cocktail without adding to the holiday mess. Trust, with all of the baking and Christmas DIY's going on in our little San Francisco apartment, we don't need anything else to contribute to the chaos.

        Luckily for you guys, you can find a pack of 'Merican Mules at most of your favorite grocery stores using their location finder which we've linked HERE. Yet, if you can't find them at a store near you then you can have them shipped to your front door! So you don't have any excuses to not try the 'Merican Mule this winter. As they're the perfect drink for the holiday season, you won't want to miss out ;)
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