Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Beer Lover

10 Gift Ideas for the Classic Beer Lover

      We get it. In 2016, you waited until the last minute. This year, you promised yourself that you'd finish your holiday shopping in August but here we are... It's a new year. December's hit. And ya got nothin'. But, luckily, we knew that this would happen! So, this year we decided to do the shopping for you!
       We know how hard it can be to find gift ideas for our friends at the last minute, so we created a list of ten-must haves that your beer-loving mates will love. Oh, and none of these gifts involve a home-brewing kit because we figured you've already thought of that one ;)

  1. National Geographic's Atlas of Beer ($45)  Anyone that follows any popular beer account on Instagram has probably heard of this one. This has been on our list since September and we personally are hoping to find this under our Christmas tree :p (PURCHASE HERE)
  2.  MN Elevator Co.'s Sota Caddy ($35) The most stylish way to haul your six-pack to the park. (PURCHASE HERE)
  3. Manduka Yoga Mat ($40 - $100) For the friend that constantly works out to make more room for the booze. Also, two words: beer yoga. (SHOP HERE)
  4. Libby Glassware's Half Yard of Ale Glass with Stand ($18) When you're into beer one can never have too many glasses. Not only can a yard glass (or, excuse us, half yard glass) enhance the flavor, but it can also make things more fun! (PURCHASE HERE)
  5.  Karla Oceanak's Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People ($17) A silly coffee table book that's a play on your favorite children's bedtime story. (PURCHASE HERE)
  6. AirBnb Gift Card. For us, these are one of the few gift cards that don't come off as thoughtless. And if your buddies are planning a trip to any far away beer meccas (like San Diego or Munich), they will thank you. 
  7. A set of beer patent posters ($19) You can find beer patent posters just about anywhere on the internet. And depending on how big you want them to be, you can even print them out yourself and frame them. These are a great addition to any bar decor and any kitchen going for a rustic feel. (PURCHASE HERE)

  8. Drink Tank's Insulated Cups ($20 -  $30) and Growlers ($90 - $110) This is another one that we've had our eye on. This is perfect for any outdoorsman and his beer-ventures. Or outdoorswoman!  (SHOP HERE)
  9. Lodge Cast Iron 12" Skillet ($33) First off, no kitchen is complete without a cast iron skillet. Especially if that kitchen has a beer fridge in it. Because we all know how satisfying a crisp pour with a side of protein seared to perfection can be. (PURCHASE HERE)
  10.  A gift card to your friends favorite brewery. So long as it's local ;) 

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