Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Christopher Cloos Eyewear

WHAT: French inspired Scandinavian eyewear to mask that gnarly hangover | PRICE: $145

    If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our INSTAGRAM story two Wednesdays ago, you would know that we spent that night drinking BLIND PIG IPA'S at the Tipsy Pig until 2AM in the morning. That might not seem late for some of you, but for us, that was well past our bedtime! 10 o' clock is more our style  and beauty rest is everything. 

   The fact that we managed to wake ourselves up, make ourselves look somewhat presentable and drag ourselves to SOUTHERN PACIFIC BREWERY the next morning is a miracle. Seriously. Because no amount of makeup could have covered up those ungodly eye-bags. Yet, thankfully we had an alternative saving grace... our Paloma sunglasses from CHRISTOPHER CLOOS 🙏 Not only did they make us look nifty but they worked much better than any pricey makeup coverage. 

    If you've been following fuhMonday for a while now, you've definitely seen them on our blog HERE and on our Instagram feed. And it shouldn't take much thought to figure out why we've been wearing them so often. Not only are these specs great for covering up tired eyes, but they're pretty chic too. Being inspired by French and vintage fashions, these sunglasses take on a minimalist design and timeless shape... perfect for smarting up any outfit. And since our wardrobes mainly consist of old denim and grungy leather, we could always use some help in the sophistication department. 

   The model of sunglasses that we're wearing is the brand's Paloma frame. While Laura is sporting the bourbon version, I stuck to the classic coal black. However, no matter what color you decide to get (there are four shades to choose from) all will have a rounded shape and petite frame to mimic the fashions of the South of France. So, we must tell you that the frames of these glasses are not meant to be large! Which is OK, since tiny sunglasses are the new over-sized. (If you don't believe us, just read Vogue's latest article HERE). 

   Although the smaller frame took some getting used to, now we can't get enough of them! And after being away from France for nearly two years (Wow. How time flies.) its nice to wear something that reminds us of those easy days on the Mediterranean... while also managing to conceal those brutal hangovers :) So, if you'd like to purchase of pair of Christopher Cloos glasses yourself, make sure to use the promocode "FUHMONDAY30" for 30% off! 

All photos in this post were photographed by SIMEON LEE
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