Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mother Earth's Hop Diggity IPA

BREWERY: Mother Earth Brew Co. (Vista, CA) | STYLE: American Double IPA | ABV: 8.0%

      Cacti!! Huge ones! Much bigger than any dinky succulents you'll find on Pinterest, anyways...

      Instead of chasing snow or crowded bars, my family and I decided to ditch the norm and head south for some New Year's fun. Despite being fearful of ending up with some serious F.O.M.O. ("fear of missing out" -- you're welcome, Mom) I ended up feeling the exact opposite. Frolicking through San Felipe's Valley of the Giants was the best decision I've made since... well... CABO. The next best decision? Not toasting with champagne but, instead, with a double IPA.

      To fully take in nature's wonders, we didn't check into the J.W. Marriott. We camped. And what's a proper campsite without some fresh brewskis??? But when I started packing our YETI COOLER with MOTHER EARTH'S Hop Diggity IPA, my Gramma was quick to say that she wasn't a fan of bitter beer. However, after being the first at our campfire to finish her can of Hop Diggity she promptly lit up and beamed: "Can I have another one!?"
      The fact that my family would deem a double IPA to be a bigger hit than the s'mores was a huge surprise. Believe it or not, I don't come from a family of avid beer drinkers (just read my BIO) and if they are drinking beer it is almost always Stella Artois... the light stuff. Had I would've known that the Hop Diggity would have the power to turn them over to the darker side (đŸ˜‰) I would've bought more than one six-pack.

     Since our supply was limited, I decided to save my share of the Hop Diggity for my walk through the Valley of the Giants. By hitting 100 on the IBU SCALE, I quickly realized that the giant cacti weren't the only prickly elements around because Mother Earth's Hop Diggity is a brew that is both hop-forward (using Super Alpha, Simcoe and Amarillo hops) and, therefore, bitter! However this doesn't mean that its not well balanced. Using caramel and honey malt notes, these flavors even out its intense tropical flavors to create an underlying sweetness... which is exactly the reason as to why it was so easily drinkable for my 75-year old grandmother.

    Sweetness aside, the blend of lemon, orange and other tropical flavors makes for a mix that is, both, smooth and lively. This and a nice, full mouthfeel made this pairing with the 150 year-old, 50 foot cacti almost too good. And just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

    Yet, this beer doesn't only pair well with hot, Mexican deserts! This beer is so delicious that it can be easily enjoyed in any climate. In fact, after I publish this post I'm going to use Mother Earth's Beer Locator (which you can find if you CLICK HERE) to see if there is a pack of their Hop Diggity IPA close to my San Francisco apartment! I encourage you to do the same too :P

   Until next time!

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