Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Never Too Hungover

WHAT: The best tasting hangover prevention and recovery drinks you'll ever try | PRICE: $5 (single) or $24 (six-pack)

    "Oh! Ooh!" my mom couldn't stop jumping in the front-seat of her Toyota Prius moments after I had her down a sample of our new favorite HANGOVER-RECOVERY drink. "I literally feel like a battery that's recharging!"

     Just like everyone else on this past New Year's Day, my mom woke up feeling the after effects of the night before. Since we had spent the holiday camping along the coasts of Baja California (where I snapped plenty of photos that I can't wait to share with you guys!) we weren't planning on drinking much... but we did. And thankfully, our pack of NEVER TOO HUNGOVER drinks were around to save the day.  

         So, despite my mom and I partying it up in Baja or Laura spending the whole weekend raging amongst crowds at Lake Tahoe's SNOWGLOBE MUSIC FESTIVAL, thanks to Never Too Hungover we were all ready to take the New Year by storm and our first morning workout of 2018 was not skipped. 

    But before you roll your eyes and throw your bottle of aspirin at us, we're not sharing this post to brag! Instead, we're sharing to help you guys out! Because we believe that everyone has the right to a hangover-free 2018 ;) 

     These little 3.4 oz bottles of hangover recovery and prevention drinks are what we'd call a Godsend to each and every party animal out there. Drink their HANGOVER PREVENTION DRINK (the red bottle) before a night out and you'll wake up ready to take on Half Dome! But if you wake up still needing an extra boost (or you forgot to drink their prevention drink) their HANGOVER RECOVERY DRINK (the blue bottle) will wipe out any lingering hangover within minutes. 

    We kid you not when we say that taking Never Too Hungover has given us the ability to wake up feeling refreshed after a long night at the bar. And that's all due to its ingredients. Using a blend of vitamins, these drinks help protect the body from the negative effects that drinking alcohol can have. By neutralizing toxins, restoring vital nutrients and, most importantly, rehydrating the body these little bottles are a one-stop-shop for fixing any hangover.

    If you're skeptical about what taste such a powerful concoction could have, not to worry! They're actually, shockingly, delicious! Their hangover prevention drink tastes of lime and iced tea while their hangover recovery tastes of berry. Yet, despite their pleasant flavors, they still remain healthy since they're sugar and gluten free and only contain five calories per serving.

    Giving both a sweet taste and impressive results, this is definitely something that you'd want to look out for. You can find Never Too Hungover's products in both GNC and THE VITAMIN SHOPPE. Or you can find them in other select stores if you live in California, Illinois, Nevada (*cough* Vegas) and Texas. If you want to find more information on their locations, click HERE! And if you can't find them in a store near you, order their six packs online! Because if you're a busy, go-getter who likes to have fun then you'd definitely want to have a stash of this goodness in your kitchen at all times 😎

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