Monday, January 8, 2018

The Sota Caddy

WHAT: Customized beer caddies and the best way to carry your brew | PRICE: $35

    First off, this totally beats any flimsy beer carrier that your left with at the grocery store. And secondly, who else remembers us featuring this in our Christmas HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE last month!? 

    Well, I guess Santa was good to us this year because when Laura and I returned home from our holiday trips we found this little hand-crafted beauty waiting for us on our doorstep. We couldn't have been anymore excited because this personalized beer caddy was by far the best gift that we had gotten this Christmas!

    Now, we're not huge shoppers nor have we ever been the type of girls to drop money on cutesy accessories for the sake of being, um, cute. Which is probably why we're better off running this beer blog than attempting to be the next Chiara Ferragni (if you're heading for Google right now -- she's one of the biggest fashion bloggers in the world... must be nice). However, when we saw Minnesota Elevator Craft Co.'s SOTA CADDY featured on Hailey Marie's Instagram, @DREAMING_OUTLOUD, we couldn't help ourselves. We needed that beer caddy and we needed one now.

    Not only do these look rustic and downright badass but they're practical too. Just as these fashionable caddies offer a surefire way to earn you cool points in San Francisco's Mission Dolores Park (a.k.a. hipster-nation), they will ensure a much more enjoyable drinking experience! 

   Being handmade from the lovely team at MNLV CO., they feel a lot more comfortable and secure than the cardboard stuff you're given at store. And, hello! This guy comes equipped with a sturdy bottle opener on the front! So you can stop worrying about leaving your beer opener at home :)

    As for our personal favorite feature: it's customization. MNLV Co. has a variety of different colors to choose from. So, if the dark brown wood stain isn't working for you, not a problem. And if that black bottle opener on the front isn't your fave, then they've got multiple colors for that too. But the best part of the customization process is choosing the lettering on the back. Many customer's of MNLV Co. go for short and adorable holiday notes (like "The World's Okayest Dad" HERE) or the shape and name of their state (like this Washington one HERE). Us, we decided to keep it simple and go with the name of the best blog around... "fuhMonday." And, boy! Doesn't it make us feel official!

   The ability to pick and choose your own colors and words makes this the perfect gift for yourself or any loved one. And if you guys missed our Christmas post... don't worry Valentine's Day is still on the way. 😊 Can you you say, romantic picnic for two!?  

   So quit playin' around with those thin and fragile cardboard beer carriers. Join us cool kids and get yourself a real beer caddy... a Sota Caddy :P And if you do end up buying one, make sure to send us a message and share which style you end up getting! We want to know!

All photos in this post were photographed by SIMEON LEE.

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