Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Coronado's Islander IPA

BREWERY: Coronado Brewing Co. (Coronado, CA) | STYLE: American IPA | ABV: 7.0%

      I know that National Siblings Day is two months away, but I can't express how lucky I am to have the brother that I have.  Now, don't get me wrong.. we're not exactly calling each other every day, we don't own matching T-shirts and his taste in music couldn't be anymore different from my own. Yet, while I hear many people complain about their siblings (or have nothing to say at all), I'm glad that I have a younger brother that I can rely on, laugh with and, I'll say it, sometimes even brag about! ...he's one smart cookie with impressive people skills.

      So, while many would cringe at the idea of a camping trip with their kid brother I was pretty damn stoked about it. And the three days we spent camping together in Baja California ended up being one of my favorite memories of 2017. As for the highlight of this trip, it was waking up early to take in the beach-side views under the mornings' candy colored skies. And of course I had to enhance the moment by taking a few good brews along. As for my choice of the trip, it was CORONADO'S Islander IPA -- the perfect addition to any sunrise.

^^Brother and beer: the two best companions for a sunrise stroll :)

     Now 5 A.M. can seem like an odd time for cracking open a cold one. However, as a seasoned beer-drinker, I can confidently tell you that there's a beer out there for anytime of day and this ISLANDER IPA was perfect for our early morning. For starters, its aroma of tropical fruits -- such as mango, grapefruit and pineapple -- fit the waterfront and crisp air better than any cup of coffee could. And its blend of Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops created a burst of bitter flavors that gave a nice little morning jolt!

   Although it has a bitter flavor profile that might come off to some as aggressive, its citrusy and fruity notes of orange, mango and melon pair nicely with mild, malty undertones to even everything out. And it's crisp and medium mouthfeel makes this beer not only refreshing, but perfect for any morning on the beach!

      After walking along the beach until our bare-feet grew so numb that it hurt to bend our toes, my little brother and I decided to head back to our campsite to throw on some wool socks and enjoy the rest of our Islander IPAs. Which was totally fine with me! Because walking or resting... this beer can be enjoyed no matter what activity you partake in. And if you couldn't tell from the smile on my face, I was just as happy to watch the sunrise and enjoy my beer from my little hammock :P

   If you want to grab yourself a six pack of Coronado's Islander IPA, look for it using their Brew Locator HERE!

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