Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Slo Brew's Cali Squeeze

BREWERY: SLO Brewing Co. (San Luis Obispo, CA) | STYLE: Hefeweizen | ABV: 5.4%

     We love Hefeweizens but struggle to get our hands on them. With beer aisles in California being overcrowded with pale ales and IPA's, its hard to find many beers of the "Euro-style", let alone one that's not a PILSNER URQUELL or CARLSBERG.

     So, obviously we were beyond stoked when we found SLO BREW's Cali-Squeeze Blood Orange Hefeweizen in our mailbox. This brew may have not hailed directly from the Europe but this Cali-Squeeze is German-style with a West Coast twist... and you know how much we love repping our home state 😏

      Not only have we grown fond of wheat beers (because two years in Europe will do that to you) but this style of beer was exactly what we needed to help take in the warm weather that has come to San Francisco over the past few weeks.

     While February is normally the month of heavy rain and frosty winds, we were pleasantly surprised to find some summery weather along the Golden Gate. And don't worry! This wave of unexpected heat is nowhere near the ~100 degrees that our thermostats hit back in early September 😳 (We love us some sun but Dante's Inferno is a totally different set of conditions that we'd never wish upon anyone!) Instead we were met with a nice and easy seventy degrees. Not too hot, but just warm enough to throw on some Daisy Dukes and hang out beachside :)

      But enough about weather and back to this Cali-Squeeze! Being a blood orange Hefeweizen, this beers pours a color that is, well, quite literally blood orange. Or, orange with some pinkish hues to put it differently. Just like its color, its aroma gives off a scent that is fully tropical... giving off notes of orange peel, grapefruit and other sweet, candied-fruits.

     Although it has some mildly sweet notes, this beer is anything but heavy. Just like this week's breezy weather, the Cali-Squeeze matches that with a medium-light body and is, most importantly, highly carbonated to quench that thirst of yours. And with orange-y flavors backed up with a mildly bitter presence, this beer will bring you back to the days when Rocket Power and Sunkist soda were all the rage 😎

    So if you're looking to find yourself some cans of this fine and fresh Cali Squeeze, find it using SLO Brewing Co.'s Beer Finder by clicking on the link HERE

All of the photos in this post were taken by RICARDO SALAS.
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