Friday, March 30, 2018

Oogie's Popcorn

WHAT: Funky and fresh tasting popcorn in a bag | PRICE: $19 for 4 bags

    As if we didn't need another obstacle for getting over our popcorn addiction... And yes, we are addicted to other things besides beer. We've been trying to wean ourselves off of tiramisu and cans of Coke for years! But popcorn has been by far our biggest kryponite (not beer, because we don't consider that to be a weakness 😜.) 

    So our minds were blown when we opened our package from OOGIE'S SNACKS to find not just one but five large bags of popcorn! All different flavors: Wisconsin Cheddar, Caramel Chipotle, Movie Time Butter, Hickory Smoked Gouda and Original Kettle Corn... the perfect mix of classic and different flavors. 

   Just as we were skeptical about drinking Moscow Mules from a can (which you can read about HERE) we were equally skeptical about eating popcorn from a bag. We knew that brands such as SKINNYPOP and BOOMCHICKAPOP were popular, but we had never gone out of our way to try them, We questioned if we'd ever find something that would be just as good as the popcorn we'd constantly buy from the theater down the street... but we were wrong. Bagged popcorn can be downright delicious

     Does it taste exactly like the it was popped at the cinema... not exactly. But, we mean, it would be impossible to recreate the heat and drizzle of fresh butter within a bag. This popcorn was good in a different way. This stuff tastes like it was popped, cooled and seasoned by your cool uncle (you know, the one who always has personally marinated olives to show off at every family barbecue?) 

    My favorite was the MOVIE TIME BUTTER while Laura loved the CARAMEL CHIPOTLE. However, there wasn't one that we didn't like. In fact, the popcorn OOGIE'S gave us didn't hang around our house for long. Between Laura, our roommate Steph (who you've met in our Tradr Sam's post HERE) and I, we finished all five bags within a day! So if you do buy yourself some Oogie's Snacks, do yourself a favor and buy in bulk! 

   Oogie's popcorn is sold in stores across the United States and, luckily for you, you can always buy Oogie's popcorn online HERE! So save yourself a walk to the theaters and buy yourself some Oogies!

All of the photos in this post were taken by RICARDO SALAS.
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