Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Schlafly's Raspberry Hefeweizen


BREWERY: Schlafly Beer (St. Louis, MI) | STYLE: Hefeweizen | ABV: 4.1%

Don't let the dark lipstick and the camo jacket fool you. Once summer hits, I'll be the first girl to post up at your local street-side cafe with POPSUGAR.COM pulled up on her laptop and a glass of rosé in hand. If there's one thing that you might not know about me, it's that I'm huge fan of the drink everyone calls "basic." That's right. I love me some rosé.

We can blame the rosie affair on our year in Aix-en-Provence (which Laura wrote briefly about HERE). There, according to our marseillaise landlords, rosé was the only drink option. And so for the next ten months we spent every waking moment on our balcony drinking iced Château Minuty from tall carafes. Which, might I say, is not a bad way to pass time 😏

So as a California girl co-running a beer blog I was psyched when SCHLAFLY BEER sent us a beer that wasn't just a Hefeweizen, but a drink that could serve as a rosé alternative for anyone wanting to stay loyal to the industry: their ever-so fruity RASPBERRY HEFEWEIZEN.

If you read our blog post HERE then you'd know that we're already lovers of Hefeweizens. Plus, any way to enjoy a good German-style brew and drink pink is bound to be a favorite in my books. And with having an alcohol percentage of only 4.1%, this Raspberry Hefeweizen is the perfect session drink for summer... which is probably why its known at Schlafly's brewery as their summer water.

Apart from being a good stand-in for rosé, another reason to get your hands on this brew is because it's not made with artificial flavoring but, instead, with real raspberries. Making it, yes, a true fruit beer. And according to the brewery, once the fruit's sugar ferments out, this Hefe is left with a beautifully strong aroma and flavor of rasberries... something that we can confirm ourselves 😎 Yet, despite having an obvious presence of berry flavors... this beer isn't too sweet or too tart. This paired with its carbonation and crisp feel, makes for a beer that's not only delicious but downright refreshing.

To get a hold of Schlafly's Raspberry Hefeweizen, use their Beer Finder by clicking HERE.
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