Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Seven Forty Seven


BREWERY: Seven Stills Brewery & 47 Hills Brewing Co. (San Francisco, CA) | STYLE: Belgian Golden Strong Ale | ABV: 10.5%

      Before I start, I must congratulate you. You've just stumbled across fuhMonday's shortest blog post... Ever! The remaining words you're about to read will be a muddled collection of the two-hundred and fifty words I managed to spew out between 8:41 and 9:07pm on a Monday night, which is quite literally the only free time Laura and I have before finals. Seriously, f*ck school and f*ck Monday's.

      As we all know (or should), the last few days of undergrad means all books and little booze. So when I was given my final opportunity to enjoy a cold one before finals took over, a.k.a Cinco de Mayo weekend, I thought: *shrug* might as well go out with bang! And suddenly a 10.5% Belgian golden strong ale seemed fitting.

     I can't speak for other 10.5% Belgian strong ales, but the 10.5% label on SEVEN STILL'S and 47 HILLS Seven Forty Seven does not lie. And on Cinco de Mayo there was no need to say adios, this beer did it for me. This was the first drink I cracked open and it left me with no chance to stand against the strawberry margaritas that would soon come after. It's safe to that I was officially obliterated by 3PM. But all in good fun of course ;)

    However, this beer has more to offer than a hefty buzz. Being a collaboration between two San Francisco breweries, I was super jazzed about drinking something that was locally brewed... and most of all something that was a change from the typical IPA's that kept sneaking their way into our beer fridge. With Saaz & Styrian Golding hops, local wild honey and pilsner malts, the Seven Forty Seven creates flavors that are both fruity and complex with a dry finish. Great for drinking on Cinco de Mayo and, most of all, the perfect last beer before the storm we all know as college finals.

All of the photos in this post were taken by CHANDA DAWSON.

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