Friday, May 4, 2018

The Willness Co.


WHAT: A detox, immunity builder and a liver and digestive support... all in one drop | PRICE: $40

    We're down to drop $40 on anything that gives us an excuse to drink and not feel guilty about it. We love the idea of living healthy but it's no secret that we love our vices. Since we drink beer on the regular and other booze in between, we constantly worry about the state of our livers. And, to be honest, we're too afraid to check! 😬

    Luckily for our fragile bods, we stumbled across the WILLNESS CO. They sell five elixirs that are targeted towards boosting the body and spirit. The one that caught our eye was obviously their elixir catered towards lushes like us, Elixir No.1... a.k.a Willness Co.'s GOLDEN. And it's Golden for a reason. This little, magical mix is a true gift from above as a couple drops has the ability to detoxify the body, fortify the liver and boost the immune and digestive system. And another big bonus: it's list of all natural ingredients is packed with anti-aging vitamins and nutrients... who doesn't want to stay young!

    These elixirs may come in tiny bottles, but don't underestimate its size! We weren't kidding when we said that all you need is a few drops! Being densely packed with powerful botanical extracts, such as dandelion and burdock roots, the Golden elixir has the ability help boost and heal the many aspects of the body that get constantly stressed from our daily festivities.

    And while you might argue that one should just drink a Gatorade or pop a couple aspirins, we disagree. The great thing about the Willness Co. is that their elixirs are made with from all natural ingredients and have labels that are easy to read, something that's very hard to come by these days. And another great thing: you can fit these in a coat pocket or purse. So you can always take these on the go!

    After we finish our bottle, which will be soon since it's found a permanent place in our handbags, we're definitely going back to the Willness Co. for more. Which by the way, you can find all of their products through their online store HERE. Being all natural and botanical with powerful healing abilities, this little concoction is not something that you would normally find on the shelves of your local Walgreen's... you definitely wouldn't want to pass this up 😉

All of the photos in this post were taken and edited by TYLER ARNESON.

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